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Swimming Pool Coping Installation by Triad

Swimming Pool Coping Installation by Triad

Triad Associates provides professional coping installation for swimming pools of all shapes and sizes.  What is pool coping?  Coping is the stone, block or concrete material that finishes the top edge of the pool decking where the patio meets the water’s edge.  Typically most coping stones / blocks are approximately 12″ wide and come with either a bullnose face or textured edge.

Types of Swimming Pool Coping:

  • Cantilever Coping (Concrete)
  • Bullnose Brick Coping
  • Stone Coping (Granite, Travertine, Bluestone, etc)
  • Natural Stones
  • Paver Stone Coping
  • Techo Bloc Coping

What to consider when selecting your pool coping

Style & Color
When selecting your pool coping material, it is important to coordinate the color with the materials being used for the pool patio.  If you are installing a Techo Bloc paver patio, there are many options for pool coping to select a matching or contrasting color depending on the style of your project.

Not all pool copings are created equal.  The cost can vary greatly between materials, applications and installation methods.  If you are installing a concrete or exposed aggregate pool deck, cantilever is typically a nice option as it provides a clean, finished appearance without a high cost.  Stone will be the most expensive option when compared with block, paver copings or cantilever.  Be sure to consult with a professional sales associate to find the best coping options on your swimming pool project.

Some pool coping materials tend to get hot when in direct sun.  Certain types of stone (such as bluestone) can become very hot on your feet during the sunniest hours of the day in the summertime.


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