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Concrete Pavers

Triad’s professional paver installation can transform your property into a masterpiece. Triad Associates, Inc. can provide you with a number of options for both paver colors and paver patterns so that you can select the pavers that will compliment your property best. Triad is a certified Techo-Bloc paver installer. Techo-Bloc produces the highest quality interlocking paver and wall systems on the market.

For a complete list of Techo-Bloc products and colors please visit:

“Because we do not use a surface face mix procedure, your stones will never fade or lose their color” – Techo-Bloc

Choosing your paver pattern:

Concrete pavers come in a variety of styles and colors. A good starting point when choosing your pavers is to decide whether you want a running bond pattern (pavers are laid side by side in a linear fashion) or a modular pattern (multi-sized pavers laid in a more random pattern). The photographs above show an example of each pattern style.

Why does Triad use Techo-Bloc pavers?

  • Transferable lifetime warranty – Techo-Bloc Warranty (PDF)
  • Techo- Bloc pavers are manufactured with color through-and-through
  • Techo-Bloc pavers are de-icing salt resistant (guaranteed in the Techo-Bloc Warranty)
  • The PSI levels of Techo-Bloc pavers consistently surpass industry standards
  • Less breakage, so you don’t have to sort through pallets and discard broken pavers
  • Techo-Bloc pavers, curbstones and wall stones are designed specifically to complement each other; your patio can match the wall and the wall can match the walkway and steps.

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