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Retaining Walls by Triad

Retaining Walls by Triad

Whether you’re looking for retaining walls for your backyard, or stone walls to create a beautiful backdrop for any entertaining occasion, Triad Associates can help you add beauty and value to your home with our professional retaining wall installation.  Retaining walls can provide a level area to your yard and create a usable space in the yard when sloped areas pose a challenge.

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Types of Wall Installations

  • Segmented Block Retaining Wall
  • Stone Retaining Wall
  • Free-Standing Wall

Segmented Block Retaining Walls

Segmented wall block retaining walls offer lower cost and quicker installation when compared with stone walls.  Manufactured wall blocks are engineered to interlock and provide an attractive, yet functional structural wall.

Stone Retaining Walls

Stone walls can add a touch of elegance to your backyard project.  Stone walls are typically labor intensive to install and higher in cost when compared with segmented block walls.

Free-Standing Walls

Free-standing walls are typically shorter walls (such as seating walls or decorative walls).  Free-standing walls should be double-sided so that a beautiful finished face is visible from either side of the wall.

Techo-Bloc Walls

Techo-bloc’s stone and concrete retaining walls for gardens, pools, patios and more are  crafted using premium quality material, industry-leading technology and design principles inspired by nature. We strive to make the exterior of your home beautiful, while also adding an outdoor living space perfect for entertaining family and friends for years to come. Techo-Bloc products are designed to be resistant to wear and discoloration, and come with a lifetime transferable warranty!


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